Processing Tip #4: Toning with the Colour Lookup Table



Original image


Sometimes you want to render the colour in your colour photographs exactly the way you saw it. And sometimes you don’t. In truth, often you don’t, if your goal is to create a mood or convey a feeling rather than simply document a scene.

And how many ways are there to change and tweak colour using image editing tools such as Adobe Camera Raw, Photoshop or Lightroom? So many it makes my head spin. Plug-ins, presets, actions, not to mention using curves, LAB colour, hue/saturation adjustments and of course combinations of all of these.

But one way that I have become aware of only recently is Colour Lookup. (That’s what I love about Photoshop — I’ve been using it for 6 years and there are still features I’m discovering!)

This technique is fast, easy and can yield some nice results. It can be used for very subtle effects, which I prefer to over-the-top, more extreme changes.

I decided to take my recent iris image and play with it a bit to create a few other options to my original. I think I may even like some of these better! I’m particularly drawn to the slightly warmer tones.

Below is a link to an easy-to-follow tutorial:

How to use colour lookup in PS CS6 and CC

And now for an example of how you can use the technique to change the feel of a scene.

Well, here’s to yet another tool in the ol’ image processing toolkit!


6 thoughts on “Processing Tip #4: Toning with the Colour Lookup Table

  1. Sure makes me want to get the tools to be able to try this! I especially love the teal orange irises! Very ethereal.

  2. What a wonderful gift of sharing Sherry…I sent the link to myself so I could try this one and I love the last one…trash can gone…I’m a better learned with little examples like your giving us than book learning myself…I’ve always learned by seeing instead of reading, although now I do a fair bit of reading also…so Thank you..
    I love the original…but the Teal Orange with screen blend is really beautiful and looks quite natural…I’m going to have to make a Sherry Galey folder…your quite the teacher…

  3. That really does make a difference, in the lower example it’s almost as if you had photographed the same scene at different times of day. A useful tool to know about!

    By the way, I sure have missed this beautiful blog, so glad I stopped by today. šŸ™‚

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