My little town…

almonte post office2

Almonte’s old post office, designed by the same architect as Canada’s Parliament Buildings in Ottawa

When I was away this winter living on our sailboat Windsong II, I thought about what kinds of photographs I wanted to make when I returned to Canada.

And it occurred to me that there was so much beauty right around me — in my little town of Almonte, Ontario — that I really didn’t need to go far to find delightful subject matter.

And so out I went recently with my friend Sona to show her my little town….

My friend enjoys the falls down at the foot of Mill Street

Here’s what she saw with her iPhone 6.

sona pano

And then I went out just this past weekend with my camera and came back with these…


I love the vines on this house in all seasons.


View from the Riverwalk as night falls

I love Almonte in colour, I love it in black and white, in the light of day, in the golden hour, in the blue hour. So many different moods and sides…I’m hoping to capture many more of them this summer!

16 thoughts on “My little town…

  1. I think sometimes we forget how much beauty is right in our own “backyard”. I love your sweet little town and your images of it!

  2. Oh Sherry,,,,, I love your pics… I have been to Almonte a few times and enjoyed the beauty of your town,,,,, I grew up not too far from there,,,, thanks for sharing!

  3. Sherry, these photos are wonderful! Oh my — I can see how much love you have for your ‘little town’. I love the composition and lighting in the post office shot with the older woman and her dog passing by the ancient building. I hope this makes it on the front cover of Almonte’s tourist brochure! xo Mary Lou

  4. Great post Sherry! I know for me it takes traveling to different places to help me appreciate what I have right in my own town. Very evident after our trip to the Smoky Mountains last month. I love where I live!

  5. Beautiful photos – and such a good lesson. We don’t have to travel far to find beauty. We just think we do. It’s all about ‘seeing’.

  6. Thank you so much, Cheryl! I hope you know you inspire me as well with your incredible sensitive and funny personal photo essays on your blog. That is a real talent you have there my friend and I love sharing your world with your wonderful travel experiences and the boys too. As far as visiting here, I REALLY hope you do. You would love the area and we would be thrilled to show you and Jim around in the good weather!

  7. You make your town come to life with your photo’s…I love this journey that your on with your photography and editing…you inspire me, with your photos and with the way you manage your “photography” time…someday I’ll visit there

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