Colour in the Bahamas…

I’ve haven’t been posting much this last while due to unreliable and non-existent wifi, but I’ve had ideas for a few theme posts in my head.

So, now that we’re back at Treasure Cay, where the wifi is the best we’ve had in the entire Abacos, here is a post focused on colour…

Much as I love black and white on my walls, I adore colour all around me in life. As the artist Kandinsky said: “Colour is a power which directly influences the soul.”


sunset mh and sailboatlr

Marsh Harbour sunset

waves tc

Pristine water

cdn flag sailing

We proudly fly the Canadian flag — and so do many other cruisers…

manowar scene2

Manowar scene

bougainvillea effect

Hopetown scene

bacon bbq2

Bacon on the barbie

sweet mailboxlr

Sweet painted mailbox



11 thoughts on “Colour in the Bahamas…

  1. Oh yes, the colors down there are simply glorious! And here is my very favorite, the “sherbet” hibiscus! A stunner for sure. I loved scrolling down seeing each colorful picture…it was refreshing to my soul this early morning (it’s gray and raining here today). Happy sailing!!

  2. Sherry, I’m glad you finally got some reliable wifi! Your posts and pictures are definitely worth waiting for.

  3. These photos bring a big smile to my face – the warmth of colour! What we Eastern Ontario Canadians can use right now as spring stutters in…. Thanks, Sherry! xo ML

  4. Great photos! I bet you are pleased you have wifi at long last. Are you in the Bahamas for some time?

  5. I love all the colors of the Caribbean. They are happy colors. It’s wonderful how the light plays off of them. The color of the flame on the grill is quite nice. Bacon on the Barbie is smelling quite nice.

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