Bahamas cruise in monochrome…

god rays

The last weeks cruising the Abacos, Bahamas, have felt much longer — they’ve stretched like elastic as our days have unfolded organically and naturally.

We have molded our course to the wind and the weather and are now waiting for a good window to cross back to Florida on Windsong II.

Here are some images that stick with me — and just seem to  call out for monochrome treatment.

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8 thoughts on “Bahamas cruise in monochrome…

  1. LOVE your monochrome images…they always tell a story and speak to me the most, no matter the artist. Happy and safe returns to Florida. I’ve enjoyed my morning catching up with you on your blog.

  2. Yes, your treatment is stunning. Love the pig in the water and Bob being Bob. Wonderful.
    I also want to say your writing is so enjoyable. Your choice of words just so discriptive.
    Have a safe crossing. See you back in Florida.

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