Nowhere else in the observable universe…

Image location: near Kitchener Ontario; Technique: Intentional Camera Movement; Processing: Flypaper Textures

Go outside, now, and look at any randomly selected piece of your world. It could be a scruffy corner of your garden, or even a clump of grass forcing its way through a concrete pavement. It is unique.

Encoded deep in the biology of every cell in every blade of grass, in every insect’s wing, in every bacterium cell, is the history of the third planet from the Sun in a Solar System making its way lethargically around a galaxy called the Milky Way.

Its shape, form, function, color, smell, taste, molecular structure, arrangement of atoms, sequence of bases, and possibilities for a future are all absolutely unique.

There is nowhere else in the observable Universe where you will see precisely that little clump of emergent, living complexity.

It is wonderful.

Brian Cox


2 thoughts on “Nowhere else in the observable universe…

  1. ah yes, Brian Cox’s advice is something I take to heart daily — that’s why I’m so seldom online these days! :~) Lovely image, as usual, Sherry. We recently watched the Van Isle 360 and I thought of you the entire time!

  2. I loved reading the words by Brian Cox and was interested to follow the link you gave about the very interesting work of this man. The text above reminds me very much of two days of conferences I followed a few years ago with Deepak Chopra who was visiting Geneva.
    I love the fact that you chose this particular image to illustrate the words – the feeling of wonder in the simpler things which surround us when we allow our consciousness to really see them and take them in.

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