August Break, Day 6

green pepper

August Break, Day 6, Gift from the Garden

Today is Day 6 of the August Break and we’ve been out in the garden cutting peppers and pulling beets.

So my image for today is a “gift from the garden”.

Another gift from the garden is captured in this impressionistic — almost abstract — image by Barbara Hurst, who is a supremely talented American photographer I’ve been following for some time now. Would that not look dramatic framed in large format on a wall?


Image by Barbara Hurst Photography. Used with permission.

It seems to me that Barbara’s creativity has been on fire lately. Every time I’ve looked at her blog in recent days, I’ve marvelled at the sheer number of exceptional images she manages to take, process and post in even a very short time. This woman is prolific!

Barbara calls her new site a “visual journal” because she prefers pictures to words when telling the stories of her days — and of her passions. But she doesn’t need a lot of words because she is such a gifted visual story teller.

She is also a master of the perfectly composed collage.

Be prepared to swoon at her nature shots, her still lifes and don’t miss her lensbaby images.


August Break, Day 5

This month I’m joining Susannah Conway and many others around the world in the August Break project.

The idea is to post a photo a day, inspired either by the daily prompt or by something else.

I’ve also been sharing links to the work of photographers who inspire me.


Lisa attended the senior project of her son recently. He found math “torture” when he was younger. Just look at him now! I love that Lisa captured this in her image. Thanks to Lisa Gordon Photography for permission to use this image.

Today I want to share my enthusiasm for the images of Lisa Gordon, who first caught my attention with her delicate, dreamy and perfectly composed homages to flowers.

I was drawn to her restrained use of colour and texture, which gives the flower’s form centre stage.

But that’s not the only subject Lisa turns her camera toward. I love that she is a versatile and experimental photographer who stretches herself on a regular basis, making images that range from landscapes to street photography to environmental portraits. What shines through all of them is a keen perception, a palpable warmth, and a real love and respect for her subject.

I very much enjoy her black and white photography too.

Lisa is a generous soul, regularly sharing kind and encouraging comments with her photo buddies; she also shares her photography itself through the Creative Commons.

Why not delight yourself with a visit to her photoblog at Lisa Gordon Photography or to her flickr photostream?







August Break, Day 3


August break, Day 3, Windows

This month I’m joining Susannah Conway and many others around the world in the August Break project.

I hope to post a photo a day, inspired either by the daily prompt or by something around me.

Today’s is not a new image. I shot it back last October. But I’ve been working on reprocessing older images with newer techniques lately, so this is new in a way…

The prompt today is “Window” and I thought I’d offer the massive grandeur of the 75-foot Beaux Art windows in Grand Central Terminal in New York. This gorgeous building celebrated its centenary in 2013, as you can probably guess by the “100”.

I also wanted to share the work of an artist who is new to me and who has grabbed my attention this month.

It’s not often I find a photographer’s whose whole body of work makes me sit up and take notice. Today I’d like to introduce you to the work of Helen Boyd, who lives in the beautiful English Lakes District.

I stand in awe of photographers who can convey a distinct mood with their photography, along with a sense of place and story. Helen’s shadowy minimal landscape shots certainly do that for me. She is a master of the subtle gesture. The way she captures wisps of colour enchants me, as does her lovely black and white work.  She blogs at Helen’s Journal and is on Facebook too. I’ll be looking forward to seeing more from Helen.


August break, Day 2


Day 2, Pattern

This month I’m joining Susannah Conway and many others around the world in the August Break project.

In addition to posting a photo a day, I’ll be sharing a link to the site/blog/portfolio/flickr stream of another photographer whose work I greatly admire and who is inspiring me on my photographic journey. (They may or may not be doing the project too.)

And I’ll be on the lookout for artists who are new to me but grab my attention this month.

Today, I’m excited about discovering Shawna Lemay who blogs at Calm Things. I ran across Shawna’s blog by chance following the links in another blog, as often happens. But when I touched down at Calm Things, I immediately felt both serenity and excitement, for there was poetry there, along with beautiful photography.

And everything resonated with me. Quotes and poetry from my favourite authors, monks and mystics…some I was familiar with, some I wasn’t. And quiet, homely and haunting pictures…What a treasure trove. Sheer bliss.

Shawna is a published poet who loves to make images. She’s a Canadian. Meet Shawna here.